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tv this is "the bill press show". >> bill: all right. president obama has lunch with mitt romney and does not offer him a job. good. what do you say? good morning, everybody. guess what. it is friday ♪ hallelujah ♪ >> friday, november 30th. no matter what month it is. no matter what friday is, we love our fridays here around the full court press. ♪ hallelujah ♪ >> we know you do as well. we are not going to let you get into the weekend before we bring you up to date on all of the latest here from our nation's capitol. lots of important stuff going on yesterday with the president meetings at the whitehouse on the fiscal cliff, a big press briefing yesterday, big white house correspondence party first holiday party of the season, jay carney and a lot of the white house press -- a lot of the white house press staff gathering together at the j.w. marriott just up the street from the white house. in new york, yesterday the united nations recognizing palestine as -- with a new observer status at the united nations. the u.s. voted against it for a
to pay it off. just weeks after galvanizing the country for president obama, big bill is back there working his fan base again offering donors the chance to spend time with him. >>> next, remember when georgia congressman paul broun offered this account of how old the earth is? >> there's a lot of scientific data that i found out as a scientist that shows this is really a young earth. i don't believe that the earth's but about 9,000 years old. >> broun is not alone. when marco rubio was asked about the age of the planet in a recent interview, he dodged it saying, i'm not a scientist, man. now televangelist pat robertson of all people is weighing in, but not in a way you might expect. we're going to have pat robertson back. pat robertson saying the earth is very, very old. we should believe the artifacts and the paleontology. >>> finally, a real about-face for the guy who had the romney campaign logo tattooed on his face before the election in exchange for a $5,000 payment. when romney lost, he said he was keeping the tattoo anyway. you're going to lose your children and i beli
. that defense spending bill that congress uses to block president obama from closing guantanamo, that bill is an annual thing. it has to pass every year. so every year that he has been president, congress has been passing a version of that bill again. every year. that says these people at guantanamo can not be moved to american prisons. that bill is being debated in congress right now just as this report is coming out saying how feasible it would be to move those remaining guys from guantanamo into the american prison system. and so congress has to decide whether they're going to continue saying it is impossible to do this, when there is this 63 page unclassified report saying in the most obvious terms, duh, obviously, here's how you would do this. in the real world, honestly, i believe, there is no reason for the most powerful country on earth to maintain an essentially lawless third country offshore prison to hold a specific tiny subset of prisoners that scare us too much for our own legal system. in the real world, this is eventually going to have to end. of course, in fox news world, i
't republicans vote present? let obama have his bill or not show up. a lot of members wouldn't show. they would book dentist appointment or pull a hamstring and let him get his way and own the fiscal cliff debacle. >> eric: it's not a bad call. this could be terrible for the economy and hurt jobs and businesses. but honestly, if you are ready, america, if you are ready, hold your nose, take a deep breath and take the medicine. it will fix the problem and the deficit problem as long as everything in the fiscal cliff happens. as long as sequestration happens it will hurt defense. tax rate goes up. eventually you will get someone out, to get that president out and get president who wants lower tax rates and congress that wants the lower tax rate and maybe a senate. it would hurt dramatically. best time to do it is now. >> andrea: there are two schools of thought here. one if you follow twitter or watch republicans who are on the pundit circle, they say let them go off cliff and let obama own that. there is another one that says just let him have what he wants and then when the economy nose dives h
. >> it might happen, i was curious with president and mitt romney having lunch, whether obama presented him a bill for lunch, and added a 40% gra % gra on it. neil: they had turkey chili. >> let me tell you. one thing we have to do, i work in my 7 industry, we have to figure out a way to do comprehensive tax reform. doing a lot of act before we get there. >> not one major candidate mentioned that once. that is what vi got to do for the good of america. neil: when we come back, you bailed out gm, now general motors is doling out big bucks to create jobs-in china. the judge on whether shanghai and taxpayer money circ len is even legal. what's next? he's going to apply testosterone to his underarm. axiron, the only underarm treatment for low t, can restore testosterone levels back to normal in most men. axiron is not for use in women or anyone younger than 18. axiron can transfer to others through direct contact. women, especially those who are or who may become pregna, and children should avoid contact where axiron is applied as unexpected sis of puberty in children or changes in body hair or
of all, you don't save that much money. second of all, the obama health care bill is very weak on taking care of seniors, because they can charge three times as much for seniors as they can for younger people. so that just gives seniors two more years to pay three times as much as younger people if they have to go to private insurance. third, medicare is the only universal program we have, and it's got the lowest administrative costs of any program we have in health care. so this is a really foolish idea. and i hope it disappears. i am not against doing some cost control on medicare. but you don't have to cut entitlements. what you do have to do is pay by the patient, not by the procedure. as we know, there are so many people when they get to 59, 61, 62, who are just desperately waiting for that medicare eligibility moment, because costs have gotten completely out of control, and i have known plenty of people who go insuranceless for a couple of years, hoping nothing happens. >> i know a guy personally who had to put a hip replacement off and was -- eventually ended up on crutches and in
afghanistan. the amendment is in conflict with the house that passed a bill calling for president obama to maintain a force of 68,000 troops in afghanistan through the end of 2014. >>> the u.s. government has identified prisons in the united states that could be used to house terrorists. they could move to six military brigs and prisons across the country. the findings support closing guantanamo bay. right now there are 166 terrorist being held at guantanamo bay. >>> a girl who was humiliated in a airport pat down, now congress is asking questions, why they heard no answers today. >> tomorrow's commute and the next storm that i was talking about that comes this week. week-- that comes this weekend. >>> congress is investigating a airport screening accident. a 17-year-old girl ended up partially nude during a pat down. why there were plenty of questions today but no answers. >> reporter: she was 17 and traveling with a youth group from a christian school and wearing a sun dress. during a pat down the dress slip, her breast exposed and she was the niece of a congressman. at a hearing toda
. it is chile, right? martha: turkey chile. bill: president obama hosting governor mitt romney for a private lunch at white house. this is the photo released by the white house, shaking hands at the oval house. they had a lunch, hour long, no media or press cameras. press press was asked about it. listen here. melissa: nothing is preventing you from speaking with governor romney about it. well, that is obviously up to former governor romney to decide whether he wants to have a conversation with you. and, you're welcome, when the president, next appears before you to ask him about it. we will provide a readout. but we didn't, i think they wanted to have, each man wanted to have a private conversation. they didn't want to turn it into a press event. bill: we hear that governor romney congratulated the president on his campaign and wished himself. they promised to stay in contact if there are opportunities to work on shared interest. don't hold your breath. martha: a new government report out shows americans cut back on their spending last month and saw no growth in their incomes. the commerce
are wrong, bill. they call it a white house tree. >> bill: it's a christmas tree. barack obama calls it a christmas tree. is he your guy. he calls it a christmas tree. >> for 89 years presidents and americans have come together to light the national christmas tree. >> times are changing and here in this building previous governors not only me i just said continue what the previous governor has done and that's what i have did. you like to make a lot of controversy so all i can say on this one you are wrong. >> bill: all i want to do is keep the traditions of christmas that make most americans happy, the polls show 90% of americans celebrate christmas and they want to call it a christmas tree. you are in the minority. you are imposing your will and you're making people unhappy in a season of joy. that's not right. you are not doing the right thing, governor. >> i don't make anybody happy. >> bill: i know you are not making anybody happy. everybody is unhappy with you. >> merry christmas. >> bill: atheists want to burn the holiday tree. they want to just burn it you know i'm right in yo
in that awful tragedy of a storm. i am not -- i have not looked at mr. nadler's bill >> president obama spoke in pennsylvania today calling on congress to pass an extension of tax cuts for the middle class. later in the day, john boehner of s on to the president's comments. you can see both events starting at 8:00 eastern on c-span. in january, tax credits are scheduled to expire, along with tax credits for businesses. we look at the issue this morning on this morning's "washington journal." host: we are looking at various aspects at the so-called fiscal cliff. joining us for the discussion is steven sloan. he is with politico. could you define what a tax credit is and how that differs from a tax deduction? guest: credits and deductions are used to lower somebody's tax bill. if you have it $1,000 tax bill -- basically reduces taxable income, so it takes the taxable income off the top. if you have a $1,000 tax deduction, that is basically a $250 deduction. host: on their tax credits that specifically affect families? guest: some that have expired that are part of the fiscal cliff package. gues
into law. the current congress would have to pass more than 130 bills by next month to avoid the dubious distinction of being the worst, the least productive. >>> we're back. they may not be friends, but today for an hour mitt romney and barack obama had lunch together meeting in the oval office and dining over turkey chili and southwestern grilled chicken salad. two poultry dishes in one meal in what's become a custom in recent presidential history. the white house says they spoke of america's leadership, but also noted the two men would keep contact should they be able to work together again. perhaps a sign of things to come, maybe. the relationship between presidents and the men they beat is a tricky one. sometimes it develops into a warm friendship and sometimes not so much. "boston globe" political reporter matt viser is here. he was at the white house reporting on that lunch. and also presidential historian douglas brinkley, my pal, whose most recent book, great book, "cronkite." let me start with matt. and the reporting here. we knew this was coming. the president said he wanted t
to see a story like this get out. >> mitt romney has lunch with president obama. it was an awkward moment when the bill came and he only offered to pay 47%. >>> i'm charlie rose with norah o'donnell. gayle king is off. lottery officials in missouri today are going to introduce the holders of one leading powerball ticket. >> the other ticket may be held by a man in maryland caught on video celebrating. the two winners will share a record breaking $588 million jackpot. dean reynolds is in chicago following it all. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we'll find out later today who the lucky winner is in missouri where officials are planning a press conference. in arizona no official word yet, though we do have that intriguing surveillance video of a man in a gas station in maryland, a long way from arizona. anyway, the surveillance video shows him pulling out a wad of lottery tickets, checking them. confirming a number with the store clerk and then getting very excited. now, the store clerk himself said the man did have all six numbers and the ticket did come from arizona. but the man i
carriage. citi price rewind. buy now. save later. >> >> sean: after campaigning for president obama, his biggest supporters are changing their tunes, including musicians, like katy perry, sheryl crow, cee-lo, fighting a bill that could lower royalty rates for internet radio, like pandora, saying it limits earnings that thousands of these rich musicians rely on. innic that it was their candidate that fought for big government and paying, quote, your fair share. good to see you both. weren't they campaigning for president obama, spread the wealth? >> yes. >> paying your fair share. >> yes. >> sean: why are they working with antitax groups, wanting smaller government all of a sudden? is that hypocrisy? >> no, it's not. no permanent friends, no permanent enemies, only permanent interests. >> sean: it's a month later, they want their money. >> they're still okay with paying higher taxes and chipping in and helping out. >> sean: no, they're not. they don't want pandora in their pocket. they don't have a problem with paying higher taxes to help our country out. >> sean: wait a minute. they're h
seen here with mexico's president-elect called out on the speaker. >> they passed a bill to extend middle income tax cuts. democrats stand ready to support it. president stands ready to sign it. why? why are you holding this up. >> president obama told boehner there is no deal unless to keep the tax rates go up for those earning more $250,000. >> 138 nations voted to granted the palestinian authority status as a non-member observer state. israel and united states voted against the controversial measure which could make it easier for the palestinian authority to pursue israel in international courts. palestinian president mahmoud abbas called it a last chance for a peaceful two state settlement. >> just ahead, a bay area's woman battle against cancer. >> how social media is bringing >>> traditional fund-raising usually involves something like a bake sale or auction. >> social media opened a new arena. >> it is called cloud funding and michael finney is here tonight, apparently it works. >> it really does. it is a game changer. i reported earlier about a local elementary school where
the summer months where he focused on obama and the economy. i want to talk about, because i can't resist it, it's almost 2013. i think we're well within the bounds. the virginia governor's race. bill bolling, the lieutenant governor, dropped out in twain to make way for bob mcdonnell, currently the governor, dropped out again this week to make way for state attorney jgeneral ken cucinell cucinelli. you have the best friend of bill clinton terry mcauliffe as the democratic nominee. some people are painting this as a tea party against the clintons in mcauliffe. things can still happen. it looks like a fascinating race. >> chris, as you know, political reporters, we only have two gubernatorial races to cover. we give a lot of attention to virginia and new jersey. what's fascinating about virginia, since i've been covering politics on the national stage, the off-year election has proved to be a template if that party that's out of power wins. 2005, tim kaine ends up running a race, appealing to independents, sfresing his religious faith. actually kind of having a very soft appeal to a lot of fo
billion in entitlement cuts over ten years. still to be negotiated. mr. obama also wants emergency unemployment benefits and a temporary payroll tax holiday extended along with the infrastructure spending and mortgage relief, the price tag for the president's stimulus bill could rise to $50 billion or more. after meeting with secretary geithner, speaker boehner said he didn't see any sign of compromise from the white house. >> first despite the claims that the president supports a balanced approach, the democrats have yet to get serious about real spending cuts. and secondly, no substantive progress has been made in the talks between the white house and the house over the last two weeks. >> eliot: no sooner had boehner finished then senate majority leader harry reid took the podium to challenge republicans to come up with their own plan. >> we're saying extend the tax cuts for middle class. as part of that, of course, we know if we do nothing that top rates go up and the nats are waiting for the republicans to come
's not running it day to day, but these companies that are in here. royal dutch shell, norsk hydro, and bh bill i ton. what's your take on this, michael? >> it's a question about whether the investments are league or not but if the main purpose of the obama administration when it comes to iran policy is to generate unity and pressure on iran with the sanctioning regime so to avert the last resore. excusen rice will be in a different position to advocate when she's profiting from it. >> why do you think this hasn't come out before? lord knows if you remember years ago how dib cheney, who actually was out of hall i burton for a while, but they always referred to his investments, if this was a republican, people would be going now. >> i've been to say, i was a pretty low-level official, i had something like $200 worth of british petroleum which i inhearted from my grandfather. this became an ethical issue, because i was working on the iran and iraq desk for $200, which i also didn't control. the fact she has six figures invested, she should know better. she is was a senior officials in the clinton a
feels emboldened as you would do by being re-elected. can we expect to see a different obama? it struck me that the one thing he's not that good at actually is negotiating. if you compare him to somebody like bill clinton, i remember interviewing both president clinton and also newt gingrich. after a few early skirmishes which led to big problems, they then sort of got a new system together where they would get in a room, chuck all the advisors out and get stuff done. i just can't imagine that happening with barack obama and john boehner. they just seem complete polar opposites. >> as you suggested, obama doesn't really have an appetite for this sort of thing. we saw that last time around and if you read bob woodward's "the price of politics" it's one of the themes that comes through loud and clear. he's doing some things differently this time, though and one thing that i think is very interesting, he's taking his case to the american people and doing it day after day. all of us have talked on this show and other places about how bad the president has been in the past on selling what he
that same thing or something like it. what we have right now with president obama's action is a temporary measure. we need something permanent and this is always -- this has always been an issue that we needed to deal with in a humane rational way and if f this bill represents the place to start, that's great. >> suarez: well ear about to make a career move, a move for the people of your state. one thing voters said consistent through twelve was that they didn't get a sense that congress was getting much done. do you have optimism that the next congress is going to be different from this last one? >> i do. mostly because we have to. we're at a point on the fiscal issues where we actually have to reach an agreement and perhaps if we do so in this lame duck session or early the session then maybe than will set the stage for other areas as well. we've got to on the regulatory front deal with these issues in a partisan way as well. i'm anxious to get started there and hopefully we can. >> suarez: arizona's senator elect jeff flake, thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me on. >> brown:
president obama doesn't support israel. or that there is no such thing as a missile defense shield. iron dome proved very, very effective for protecting israel during this war. >> bret: winner and loser bill? >> i continue with the class warfare theme here, i like to come back to once a year or two. the winner of the week, 19 top executives of the hostess brand who made enough bonuses worth up to $2 million as the company goes out of business for managing the going out of business while the workers of course funds haven't been filled up for a year. the losers, the workers of america. in this budget deal that everybody is talking about the one tax that everyone agrees should go up on the democratic and republican side with a couple of outliers is payroll tax. the social security payroll tax. there is a tax increase in january. unless someone steps up and says wait a second, we are getting everyone else a tax break and let social security tax go up 2%. >> bret: winners and losers? >> bill kristol is turning in to a socialist. [ laughter ] >> family tradition. way back. >> secretary of the
about our grandchildren may certainly be footing the bill on a lot of expenses going forward. we're hearing the obama administration released a budget that includes over a trillion dollars worth of tax hikes just as we inch toward the fiscal cliff with no compromise in sight. peter doocy is at the white house with the latest. peter? >> and the two numbers you need to know to best understand the president's proposal to avoid the fiscal cliff are 1.6 and 400. as in $1.6 trillion in new taxes now and $400 billion in spending cuts later. the white house also wants a new multi-year stimulus plan that's going to cost at least $50 billion in fiscal year 2013 alone and they want the ability to raise the debt ceiling on their own unless two-thirds of congress votes against it. but republican leaders in congress are not happy with this proposal which was presented to them yesterday by treasury secretary timothy geithner. >> i'm disappointed in where we are and disappointed in what's happened over the last couple of weeks. goin
to come, the parties will act out of their self-interests. if we have an immigration reform bill, republicans are terrified they're facing a demographic disaster. >> talk about gray beard. >> not feeling they got the short end of the stick on this deal. i think obama should get the best deal he can and let the other things take care of themselves. >> we have to leave it there. thank you to sam, chris, joy, and michael. you can catch chris on "up" tomorrow and sunday morning right here on msnbc at 8:00 a.m. eastern time. and before wrapping things up today we want to take a moment to share big news about a member of our "now" team, casey shaffer welcomed linus james shaffer levin into the world on november 21st. unfortunately' he's a scorpio. mother, baby and father are doing great. congrats and the newest -- our newest nowist. we'll see you back here at monday noon eastern, when joined by michael steele, the new republ republic's baits and musician andrew wfrmts kay. until then find us at with alex. "andrea mitchell reports" is next. good afternoon to you, andrea
in this way, though, preceded barack obama's presidency. if you go back to 2007 and 2008 when george w. bush was president, democrats had the majority in the senate, they used filibusters to block bills from that might be an embarrassment to the president. but the caller, whether it's race or not, it's pretty clear that senator mcconnell has used weapons to try and block actions taken by the president that have not been used before in this fashion, and use them in unprecedented numbers. host: and according to history, civil rights was one of those things the filibuster got used for. >> what's interesting about those is while it wasn't a partisan issue, it was a factual issue. dirksen was a great hero of the civil rights revolution right alongside his partner, lyndon johnson. it was the southern democrats, but at the -- that point in time, it was the southern democrats that wanted to talk and one held a record of talking for 24 hours straight. these are filibusters where they don't want to take the floor and they have no interest in debating. it's all to block things. when you get a filibuste
republicans are pushing for the senate to immediately pass the senate bill that would keep taxes from rising on middle-class americans. >> i am happy to report to you when you already know. more and more republicans are catching on to that fact. >> today president obama takes his message to a toy manufacturer in pennsylvania. it is an american business off the white house said could be affected because income tax go up forever one next year. >> mitt romney met with president obama from lunch at the white house yesterday we were anticipating it yesterday morning. >> the pair eight at a private dining room it was actually the first time both have met each other since the election wrap up an early november. the present first mentioned meeting with the former governor in his victory speech in chicago o'hare this month. the president said he looked forward to talking with romney about ways to move the country forward. prison obama also praised out romney manage the olympics in salt lake city in 2002. >> will take a quick break back mwith more in a minute. we are watching the wet weather that is o
includes bill gates and warren buffett and people who make a whole lot more than those people do. under the obama plan, these percentages would tick up this much. so this is what he's pushing for against those other losses to the middle class, which republicans are talking about as well. the bottom line though is and this is something everyone's going to have to bear in mind, no matter how this turns out, an awful lot of economists say even if you do this, that doesn't mean everyone else will ultimately be off the hook, because there's still a revenue problem in this government right now. and over time there's a lot of hints that somehow those people in the middle class we talked about a moment ago are going to be nibbled at too even if the fiscal cliff is taken care of, joe. >> tom foreman, thank you for that. >>> there's a new controversy dogging the embattled u.s. ambassador to the united nati s nations. susan rice has been under republican fire for weeks on the attack at the u.s. consulate in benghazi. now questions are being raised about one of her investments and a possible confl
won't, i don't thifment i don't really understand why republicans don't take obama's offer. we know the president of the united states -- i want to tell my friend, the majority leader, the president of the united states has said he is not going to sign a bill. he disagrees with your conclusion. i disagree with your conclusion. and that's what democracy is about. . the president of the united states has made it clear he won't sign a bill that reduces the tax obligations of those over $250,000 in the coming here. he won't sign that bill system of we can hold hostage the 98% which he will sign. which he believes like you ought not to go, the 98% of americans ought not to receive a tax increase because it would, from his perspective, dampen economic growth in this country. and now we have disagreement on the $250,000 and above. it's a legitimate disagreement. we can debate it on the floor and everybody can see where we stand. we believe that the majority agree with the president's and our proposition. but to say that we're not going to do something for the 98% because we don't want some
Search Results 0 to 37 of about 38 (some duplicates have been removed)